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It was my dream to play college basketball at a Division 1 University and there are so many rules, regulations, and information out there it's overwhelming. This page is designed to help guide you in the fun and exciting process. To the left you will see some helpful links. The NCAA has too many rules to keep track of, however be familiar with them because a small misstep and you are no longer eligible. This is your future, so take the time to learn about some of the rules and how to be eligible to play at the next level. 

FAQs about Recruiting

How do I get seen by college coaches? 

The best way to be seen by college coaches is through national tournaments. Get on a travel team that attends the most popular tournaments in which college coaches will be at. 

What are the best tournaments to be seen at? 

  • Nike Nationals in Augusta

    • End of Oregon Trail in Oregon
    • Nike in Chicago
    • Battle of the Burrow in Tennessee
    • USJN in San Diego
    • River Walk in San Antonio 
    • Oasis in Arizona 
    • PBR Super 64 in Frisco 

    How else can I get their attention? 

    It is common for athletes to send in film to a desired college, however it's important that you send a whole game or a half of a game. Do not edit it into a highlight reel because anyone can do that. Coaches are looking for how you play all the time, not just those "wow" moments. 

    Why isn't "College X" calling me back?

    First of all, they are not allowed to contact you other than a general questionnaire until your junior year of high school. However, there is no rule that you cannot contact them if you have questions about their program, school, or want to sell yourself.  You can also have your coach call the program you're interested in, on your behalf. Remember coaches are busy with practice, pre-season, post-season, compliance, etc... Second, there are weeks throughout the year called "dead periods" in which coaches are not allowed to view or speak to high school students.

    ***More detailed information provided at KLP CAMPS***


    NCAA Student-Athlete Eligibility & Rules

    NCAA Clearinghouse 

    Download a FREE copy of the NCAA Division I Manual here

    Download a FREE copy of the NCAA Division II Manual here

    Download a FREE copy of the NCAA Division III Manual here

    For more information on the Best Division 1 Women's Basketball Conference West of the Mississippi--PAC 12 check out these athletic sites:













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