Kari's team ICIM Arad took the Championship for the Central European Women's League. Kari's first Championship!!! What an experience!

Kari's team took another Championship! They are now the Romanian Champs! Read about ICIM Arad's results for Game 1, Game 3, & Game 5 which lead to the title of Romanian Champs.

Want to see some professional games of Kari playing in Romania? Check out her YouTube Channel for full length professional games!!


My vision is to mold boys & girls into the basketball players they dream of becoming. I dedicate my time with each individual player to work on his/her strengths and weaknesses to improve their game. I start from the basics and build on each skill set from the previous session

I had a dream to obtain a Division 1 athletic scholarship to play basketball and I was able to achieve this with the help of personal trainers, coaches, and friends taking an interest in helping me improve. I want to do the same, be a part of a player's dream whether that is to play in the NBA, the WNBA, in college, or even to make their High School team. 


I provide individual and group training sessions, camps, clinics, and information on the recruiting process for high school girls looking to play at the next level. I focus on technique and fundamentals because they are the foundation to an elite basketball player.  All skills work is designed specifically for the individual; working on her strengths and weakness with a little conditioning to work in game like situations when a players gets fatigued. 

Have questions or want more information? You can contact me here. 

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